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BEST-COST sets out to look beyond the immediate impact of our work, to explore how to transfer our methods to other environmental stressors and other countries.

BEST-COST methodologies to measure the socioeconomic cost will look to be applied across other environmental stressors (e.g. indoor exposures, environmental chemicals in food and consumer products) and other health promoting exposures such as green spaces and enhancing physical activity and social activities. 

Towards the end of the project, BEST-COST will host a Hackathon inviting researchers to consider how the tools and methodologies could be transferred to other stressors and promote the improved methodologies;

BEST-COST researchers will explore applying methodologies to measure the socioeconomic cost to other European countries, taking into account differences in population characteristics & health systems.

Actions will include:

  • A transferability checklist to facilitate implementation in countries beyond the 5 BEST-COST case studies
  • 3 capacity-building workshops for EU, national and local policymakers to explore how to implement the methodologies in different areas

The BEST-COST research outputs will be publicly and freely available for other research projects and interested stakeholders to access and build on the work to tackle environmental stressors and their impacts. 

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