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Cluster Projects

BEST-COST is one of five projects within the Horizon EU cluster METEOR: “Methods for assessing hEalth-related cosTs of Environmental stressORs”. Each project covers different aspects exploring the socioeconomic cost of environmental stressors, and together they lay out a broad and detailed view of how health is impacted by the environment.

Visit the METEOR website to learn more.

MARCHES – methodologies for assessing the real costs to health of environmental stressors

The MARCHES project, coordinated by Aarhus University, aims to promote integrated economic and health modelling in impact assessments and socioeconomic analysis of air pollution and drinking water nitrate, while developing a European-wide exposure modelling for integrated assessment.

MISTRAL – a toolkit for dynamic health impact analysis to predict disability-related costs in the aging population based on three case studies of steel-industry exposed areas in Europe

The MISTRAL project, coordinated by the Italian National Institute of Health, is creating a platform for a dynamic and flexible health impact assessment based on AI predictive modelling. It will be capable of full, scalable adaptation modelling from the geographical control down to individual risk levels, and also to manage counterfactual analyses as an interactive AI.

UBDPolicy – the urban burden of disease estimation for policy making

UBDPolicy, coordinated by ISGlobal, aims to improve the estimation of health and well-being impacts and socioeconomic costs around environmental stressors in urban areas, to help strengthen evidence-based policy making at city, national and EU level.

VALESOR – valuation of environmental stressors

VALESOR, coordinated by University d’Angers, aims to make major contributions to scientific and policy efforts in accommodating the economic values of environmental chemical stressors in policy making, planning, and investments.